Precise laser marking on metal surface for maximum identifiability and durability

Laser. Marking. Solutions.

Precision laser systems for industry

Lasers for engraving, marking and trimming.

As a laser manufacturer, we help you choose the right system – customized to your requirements and needs. Competent advice, sample laser marking, product demos, a fair price and the finished solution – that is our claim. You will also receive long-term support from our team of experts. This is more than laser marking.

This is ACI Laser.

Laser markers

All-in-one laser marker DPL Genesis Marker
Laser beam creates a bright laser marking in the form of a DMC and a serial number on the shank tool

Marking and engraving with lasers in all common wavelengths

Ultrashort pulsed lasers

Ultrashort pulsed laser DFL Brevis Marker with laser head and supply unit
Black marking on stainless steel surgical scissors

Cutting, drilling, ablation and structuring on a micrometer scale

Laser trimmers

Laser trimmer DFL Ventus Trimmer from the Business Fiber TRIM series with fiber laser technology
Electronic resistor on a printed circuit board with an L-cut laser trimmed with a laser trimmer from ACI

Trimming electronic resistors with fiber laser technology

Laser stations

Laserstation Workstation Professional with fiber laser DFL Ventus Marker and rotation axis
View through laser safety glass into a laser station with a view of the fiber laser head and the pallet with the workpieces to be marked

Turnkey complete solutions individually configurable


Symbolic packaging for laser software
Man sits at a desk in front of a PC screen and looks at the user interface of the Magic Mark laser software

Powerful, user-friendly and flexibly expandable

Customized solutions

Illustration of a UR3 robot arm
View of a production line with integrated marking laser

Customized laser stations and integration solutions

By phone or via contact form

Your contact to ACI Laser

Would you like product information, application advice, sample labelling or a system demonstration? Please get in touch with us. Our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Our support and service team can help with questions about the laser system or Magic Mark marking software by telephone and online



Customers about us

I just wanted to say a quick thank you that everything went so well with your service here in Japan. We changed 5 lasers from hardware dongle to software dongle, and the communication with your service department here was very good.

A satisfied ACI customer |

Many thanks to Mr. Janicke for the prompt and professional repair service and to all involved for the fast processing!

ECOM Instruments GmbH | Werner Gebert

Head of Operations

I want to use the opportunity to say that I appreciate the partnership with ACI and I’m happy that our initial efforts are paying off. I think one big advantage of ACI is your customer friendly, qualified and quick feedback to us!

Pepperl+Fuchs SE | C. Ahlheim

Project Expert Process Technology Development (PTD)

The laser works well and we have done so good work with it. The camera is a wonderful tool for small jobs like jewellery pieces. The staff that use the fibre laser really like it and enjoy producing work they are proud of.

The Engraving Crew | T. Evans

Perfect product coupled with excellent service, an exceptionally competent team and the nicest boss ever, who is always ready to give his all for his company. Highly recommended.

Goldschmiede Arthur Müller | S. Thon


We have been using ACI’s laser system for many years and are very happy with it. Flexible configuration possibilities, wide-ranging functionality, great service and continual improvements to the application software are all things that confirm that we made the right choice by opting for a product from ACI.

STILLE Präzisionsmesstechnik GmbH | M. Leipold

Commercial Director

The support in the form of free-of-charge sample markings for new projects always goes without a hitch and is provided incredibly quickly; the quality of the documentation saves us work and time later on when we come to implement the project. We have been using ACI laser systems since 2015 and will happily testify to the high quality of the equipment.

Technomatik GmbH | J. Gaßner

Head of Process development and tool, jig & fixture manufacturing

We have been using ACI’s reliable lasers since 2005, and whenever we embark on a new project, I am always pleased with the expert advice we are given, the rapid response times, the fair prices and the excellent support. Fantastic service all round!

Diato GmbH | R. Heydel

Production Manager

The commissioning went smoothly. I would like to thank you for the uncomplicated and speedy implementation of this project!

Harmonic Drive SE | T. Knapp

Production technician mechanics

We have been working with the laser system since 2007 without any problems and are very satisfied with the competent service and professional advice.

von den Steinen GmbH & Co. KG Präzisionsschneidwerkzeuge | U. Bäcker

Technical consulting

On behalf of Matthias Wetzel INDUSTRIEBESCHRIFTUNGEN, I would like to thank the service technicians for their uncomplicated and conscientious work. A reinforced X-gantry was retrofitted in our plant. We are very satisfied with this solution.

MAK | T. Lammert

Technical product designer

With a new plugin from ACI, I was able to offer several end customers the ideal solution for their laser marking projects. The new software feature is perfect and the ACI team is simply the best!

HoLaP | L. Chalet


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