Automotive industry

You would be hard pressed to find a product that rivals vehicles when it comes to the amount of development and design work that goes into them. Parts sometimes have to undergo numerous test cycles before they can be approved. And the visual design must now also incorporate aesthetic considerations, rather than just technical factors. This means that individual components now play a part in representing the vehicle in which they will be used. So it comes as no surprise that even the simplest of markings is subject to strict quality standards.

Markings must possess visual appeal that embodies exceptional quality, provide information about technical parameters, and afford traceability and protection against counterfeiting – these are the key requirements. The high level of flexibility, guaranteed reproducibility of markings and outstanding reliability even when operated 24/7 are all qualities that serve to make ACI's laser markers a gold-standard product that offers the kind of quality that many suppliers seek to incorporate into their own production processes.

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