By choosing a laser system from ACI, you benefit from having a reliable, low-maintenance tool for machining materials, and a team that is dedicated to keeping things running smoothly for you. As a manufacturer, we guarantee that our trained, experienced Support and Service team will maintain your laser system impeccably. Our use of the appropriate test rigs and test routines ensures that the service we offer you is second to none.

We recommend that you have your laser system regularly inspected by our service technicians after the relevant number of operating hours or duration at the production site – see below:

Nd:YAG lasers

  • Every 5000 to 7000 operating hours or every 2 years
  • If operated in single shifts, and for less than 5000 operating hours, this interval can be increased to every 3 years

Fibre lasers

  • Generally every 7000 operating hours, otherwise every 3 years

Nd:YVO₄ (UV lasers/green lasers)

  • Every 10,000 operating hours or every 2 years

CO2 lasers

  • Every 10,000 operating hours or every 3 years

Laser stations

  • Every 2 years

On request, a replacement device can be provided for the duration of the maintenance inspection (depending on availability).
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