Application advice & consultation

Choosing the optimal laser technology is complex and is often quite a challenge for potential users. Aside from cost considerations, other factors such as marking quality, speed, use of software, technology, system service life, servicing and support tend to play an important role in the decision-making process. As a developer and manufacturer of laser systems, ACI Laser has all the relevant technologies at its disposal and is therefore in a position to offer unbiased, impartial advice when it comes to technology.

Our Technical Sales team works closely with customers to find the most appropriate solution for their needs. We take pride in offering professional, tailored advice and providing comprehensive, expert service.

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Sample production

To ensure that our advice to customers is as helpful as it can be, the service that ACI Laser offers includes the production of marking samples free of charge. Depending on the customer's requirements in terms of time, material and the content of the marking itself, we will conduct extensive material marking tests in our state-of-the-art in-house application laboratory. The marking samples are used as the basis for choosing the most appropriate laser technology. Our Technical Sales team will expertly guide customers through the entire process of identifying the right laser system for their needs.

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System demonstration

Products from ACI Laser GmbH are available to customers for comprehensive testing. To see our laser systems live in action, you can either come to us at our company premises or you can visit us at trade fairs; alternatively, once we have produced a successful sample marking for you, we can come to you to demonstrate our laser systems. Should you have any questions or require any information, our Technical Sales team will be happy to help.

Another option is to familiarise yourself with our products remotely by attending one of our online demonstrations.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Product information

As a developer and manufacturer of laser systems, ACI Laser has virtually all the laser technologies at its disposal. In addition to our standard systems, we offer customisable hardware and software solutions that open up more possibilities when it comes to laser marking and afford both quality and price benefits. Solutions that are optimally tailored to our customers' needs help to improve quality and save time and money.

Our experienced Technical Sales team will be happy to explain all your options.

Get in touch to arrange a consultation with us.


Basic training

When your laser system is commissioned, we will check and demonstrate all the relevant characteristics of the supplied hardware and software components.

Training content

  • Learning about laser safety regulations
  • Components of the laser system and workstation
  • Components of the extraction and filtration system/changing filters
  • Basic training on how to effectively use our Magic Mark V3 marking software
  • Creating layouts: Import function for graphics, logos, etc.*
  • Parameter test, i.e. choosing laser parameters for different materials
  • Using elements and modifiers
  • Positioning and orienting the layout on the workpiece
  • Optimising the layout and cycle time
  • Y-axis/axis of rotation/software modules/plugins (if available)

* Please note:

The commissioning and basic training do not include the creation of customer-specific layouts or assistance with the production process. These are available as a separate service. Commissioning does not include connecting the laser system to customer-specific systems (hardware or software) – it may be possible to offer this separately if you provide us with the technical specifications.

Intensive training

Broaden and deepen your knowledge about your laser system and about how individual components are used. During each intensive training course, our experienced technicians will be on hand to assist you and to answer all of your questions. We will build on your current knowledge base and take a closer look at the topics that are important to you, including how they are applied in practice.

Training can focus on any of the following content:

  • Software add-ons (plugins): Semi-OCR Generator, Ruler Scale plugin, Import Bitmap, Data Import plugin, GS1 Builder, LiftBoy, Contour Tool, Z Segmentation, AOI plugin, FoilStar plugin
  • X-Y segmentation
  • Axis array
  • Script applications/external programming/data connections
  • Imaging systems
  • Code/ID readers

We are happy to come to you to deliver training courses, or you can come to the ACI Laser company premises. We will work with you in small groups and alternate between theory sessions and practical exercises on the laser systems. On completion of a training course, we can provide a certificate of successful participation on request.


By choosing a laser system from ACI, you benefit from having a reliable, low-maintenance tool for machining materials, and a team that is dedicated to keeping things running smoothly for you. As a manufacturer, we guarantee that our trained, experienced Support and Service team will maintain your laser system impeccably. Our use of the appropriate test rigs and test routines ensures that the service we offer you is second to none.

We recommend that you have your laser system regularly inspected by our service technicians after the relevant number of operating hours or duration at the production site – see below:

Nd:YAG lasers

  • Every 5000 to 7000 operating hours or every 2 years
  • If operated in single shifts, and for less than 5000 operating hours, this interval can be increased to every 3 years

Fibre lasers

  • Generally every 7000 operating hours, otherwise every 3 years

Nd:YVO₄ (UV lasers/green lasers)

  • Every 10,000 operating hours or every 2 years

CO2 lasers

  • Every 10,000 operating hours or every 3 years

Laser stations

  • Every 2 years

On request, a replacement device can be provided for the duration of the maintenance inspection (depending on availability).
Need a software update? Please contact our Customer Service team.


We offer our customers comprehensive, long-term support, starting from the very first sample marking on the workpiece and continuing far beyond the purchase of the laser system.

As a customer, our comprehensive service concept offers you the following benefits:

  • Replacement device provided when your device is being serviced (depending on availability)
  • Expert servicing of your devices in situ by our dedicated, experienced Service team
  • Fault diagnostics and maintenance work without the normal wait thanks to a remote maintenance module

Do you have any questions regarding your laser system or the Magic Mark laser software? We are here to help.


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. ACI's laser systems are exceptionally robust and boast an excellent service life. To extend the service life of your laser system, we recommend that you have our Service team carry out the proper maintenance and care at regular intervals. We are happy to provide you with help and advice along the way.

Just like mechanical components, the electronics in a laser system are subject to the effects of ageing as well as dirt and debris. These impair the components' ability to function optimally. In the worst case scenario, this can result in total failure.

Our team of qualified, experienced service technicians possesses expert knowledge of your laser system's design and of the components installed in the product. We are here to help if your laser system needs repairing.

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