Robot-assisted laser-marking system

ACI Laser has developed a new handling system comprising a laser marking station and an industrial robot. It allows workpieces to be marked on more than one side and in any position.

The robot, which is integrated into the laser station, is able to rapidly execute complex motion sequences when handling objects. Its six articulated joints enable it to move freely anywhere within the laser station. It automatically removes objects from a pallet and replaces them afterwards. Because this no longer needs to be done manually, there are fewer steps for the user to perform and cycle times are therefore reduced. Furthermore, the robot can rotate, tilt or flip workpieces so that they can be marked on more than one side and in any position. This flexibility is the system's key advantage over conventional handling systems. If the user needs to mark another type of component, it is simply a question of reprogramming the robot – there is no need to spend time and effort on retooling.

The laser station robot's utility is not limited to just laser marking; other handling processes can be integrated into the station to make the process flows and process monitoring even more efficient. For instance, various readers can be integrated, which are able to retrieve data, or read it and check it, by scanning plain text or codes.

The industrial robot is available in a number of different sizes, depending on the required load capacity and working range. The gripper system is also available in a number of different variants to suit the customer's specific application, so that components weighing up to 3 kg can be picked up, as can particularly delicate workpieces. Additionally, the robot is integrated into the laser station's safety circuit – if the door is opened, the process will stop automatically. The robot is controlled using ACI's proprietary marking software, Magic Mark, taking into account the customer's particular requirements.


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