Parameter test tool included as standard

Parameter test tool included as standard

ACI Laser has developed a parameter test that its customers may use to make sure that the laser system is optimally configured for the material that is to be marked. This application, which is integrated into ACI's proprietary marking software, Magic Mark, is designed to optimise the quality of the marking on the workpiece and to find the most appropriate parameters for this as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This user-friendly tool can be used for all materials and works with all ACI lasers.

The user is taken through the process completely intuitively. Once the type of material that is to be marked has been selected (e.g. metal, plastic), default parameter settings that are geared towards the laser type are loaded; in a multi-stage, iterative process, these parameter settings are then refined in order to achieve optimal marking results. A parameter matrix is produced during this process, and the user can use this to select the best result. The laser parameters identified by this method are saved directly in a parameter database, from which they can be retrieved as needed in order to create new job files.

This approach saves valuable set-up time and guarantees consistently high-quality marking results without the user having to worry about the laser's physical characteristics.

Magic Mark, complete with the parameter test tool, is included with every purchase of an ACI laser system.

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