Virtually uninterrupted laser marking

The RT400 tabletop rotary indexing table has been developed to allow workpieces to be marked in a process that is virtually uninterrupted. The RT400 can be loaded and unloaded while the laser marking process is still in progress, and the time this saves is a boon to series production.

Featuring two loading positions, the rotary indexing table rotates 180° at a time to the machining positions. During the laser marking process, once an article has been marked, it can be removed from the workstation and replaced with an unmarked article. The user benefits from the significantly reduced cycle time associated with this virtually uninterrupted marking process. A simple touch button allows the process to be controlled effortlessly with one hand.

An integrated light barrier affords additional protection to users. If the light barrier is triggered, the rotary indexing table will stop moving. It will begin moving again when the user presses the start button. A transparent partition with a laser safety window allows for optimal monitoring of the marking process. A key-operated switch enables the user to switch between manual and automatic operation as required. In automatic mode, workpieces can be placed onto the turntable by a robot.

In addition to a side door to facilitate set-up, the RT400 also has a programmable Z-axis, which enables workpieces with height variations to be marked. The customer's specific requirements coupled with the application in question determine which laser marker is most appropriate in each case.


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