ACI Laser and Werner Turck: Intensive cooperation and mutual trust as the cornerstone of a long-term partnership

ACI Laser GmbH has been the partner for laser marking and laser trimming solutions for Werner Turck GmbH & Co. KG for more than 20 years. As a laser manufacturer from Germany, ACI offers flexible solutions including vision systems and software solutions. Werner Turck GmbH & Co. KG is based in Halver, Sauerland (Germany) and is responsible for development and production within the Turck Group. At Werner Turck, the focus is on the continuous further development of sophisticated electronic solutions for the Turck Group, especially in the sensor area and in industrial automation. Werner Turck is currently using ten ACI marking lasers and ten ACI trimming lasers at the production site in Halver. In addition, twelve ACI marking lasers and ten ACI trimming systems are used in the other production facilities - Poland, China, USA, Switzerland and Mexico - worldwide.

Mirko Wunderlich, Managing Director of ACI Laser GmbH: “The key to our long-term partnership is the intensive cooperation and the mutual trust that has grown over the years. Together with our customers, we develop and manufacture holistic solutions for laser marking and laser trimming.”

"A qualified partner must support us with new technologies.", Thomas Schäfer, production planning and process development at Turck

“A good partner must have the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requests and requirements. It must be positioned globally so that support is also guaranteed across the board,” explains Thomas Schäfer. “Above all, a qualified partner must support us with new technologies. ACI was able to provide us with these requirements and that was also the decisive factor in our decision to go with ACI”.

Resistor Trimming – ACI Trimming Lasers

ACI advises and accompanies Turck throughout the entire process of technical implementation and integration of the laser systems into production. The starting point of the long-term cooperation was a request for the development of a trimming laser system, which Turck uses for the calibration of electronic resistors or for the trimming of sensors. "Right from the start, it was a collaborative partnership that ultimately resulted in a product that Turck was able to integrate into its production processes," remembers Thomas Schäfer.

Very precise positioning of the laser beam thanks to the vision system

A particular challenge when integrating and programming the trimming lasers in the production line is the very small area to be trimmed on the electrical resistor. The laser starting point must be positioned very precisely. To ensure this, the laser beam is positioned fully automatically via a vision system. This was realized by integrating a camera in the beam path of the laser beam. A freely programmable measuring system terminates the laser process prematurely once the calibration values have been reached. A control input on the laser switches the laser beam off on the hardware side. The laser operating software from ACI is characterized by the flexible setup of the trimming parameters and management by variable management.

Flexibility of the software solutions for integration

The flexibility of ACI's Magic Mark V3 laser software makes it easy to integrate the laser systems into the customer's processes. “ACI's extensive software library is very well documented and can be easily integrated into your own development environment. The complete control of the laser and the processing of the trimming vectors leave nothing to be desired,” emphasizes Andreas Günz, software development at Turck.

More than 7000 items with just one laser marking system

Above all, the demands on the laser systems for marking Turck products are precision and flexibility. A large number of different products – currently more than 7000 items – are to be marked with one and the same laser system. The systems from ACI optimally fulfill these requirements.



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