Paints and varnishes

Paint and varnish are liquid or powder coating materials that are applied in thin layers onto objects and build up to form a continuous film by means of chemical or physical processes (e.g. evaporation of solvents). This generally results in a highly glossy surface finish. Paints and varnishes are used to protect objects or achieve a pleasing colour effect.

Great care must be taken when working with paints and varnishes. There are broadly two approaches to creating a marking on a paint or varnish surface: The first is to apply a marking onto the paint or varnish without damaging the surface. The other is precise removal of specific portions of the paint or varnish layer. ACI Laser offers the perfect solution for either application. We recommend laser systems that can achieve the desired result depending on the approach required thanks to their beam properties.

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Typical materials

Depending on their composition, paints and varnishes consist of binding agents, fillers, solvents, pigments and additives. Synthetic resins are generally used as binding agents. Traditional binding agents include natural resins and oils (oil paints) or plant components.


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