Films and labels

Laser films are an alternative for materials that are difficult or impossible to mark directly. Ablation films developed specifically for laser marking consist of multiple layers: A base layer, a film with adhesive layer, a contrast colour layer and a top colour layer. The laser beam initially removes the top colour layer, revealing the contrast colour layer underneath. In a second step, the laser system can cut through the entire film. This enables any possible 2D image to be reproduced as a label. The completed label can be effortlessly separated from the base layer following processing.

Colour change films, unlike ablation films, have a transparent laminate layer. This prevents gases and dust leaking out during the marking process. The marking is created under the laminate layer and can feature just as much contrast as ablation films.

Laser films are used on a huge scale as information media suitable for industrial applications. They have become indispensable for the vehicle industry in particular. Due to the huge quantities used, it was necessary to develop a process enabling these films to be marked with high contrast in short cycle times. The wide range of products and services offered by ACI Laser GmbH meets every need in this area.

Colour change film
Colour change film
Colour change film
Colour change film
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Typical materials

  • Ablation films
  • Colour change films


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