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ACI Laser – Your partner for customer-specific marking solutions for 20 years

ACI Laser GmbH, based in Grammetal OT Nohra in Thuringia, Germany, was founded in 1999 and is an owner-managed company that develops, manufactures and distributes laser systems for efficient and precise laser material processing in the industrial sector. For 20 years, ACI Laser has impressed its customers with intelligent, intuitive solutions. Our laser systems boast low power consumption, excellent power conversion and exceptional durability.

The best indicator of the success of ACI Laser is more than 4000 systems installed and in use worldwide. By focusing on the needs of the market, we are able to ensure continuous development of our products, with benefits for our customers always at the forefront of our strategy. Our customers are more than just the users of our products – they provide us with a vital impetus to develop innovative approaches.

We deliver uncompromising quality standards that can only be ensured via development and manufacturing in Germany. We are dedicated to the ideal of "Made in Germany", and with our headquarters in the heart of Germany, our proximity to our customers provides lasting benefits to them.

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What our customers have to say about us

“The laser works well and we have done so good work with it. The camera is a wonderful tool for small jobs like jewellery pieces. The staff that use the fibre laser really like it and enjoy producing work they are proud of.”

Tomas Evan, The Engraving Crew, 12/2020

"Perfect product coupled with excellent service, an exceptionally competent team and the nicest boss ever, who is always ready to give his all for his company. Highly recommended."

Steffen Thon, Owner of Goldschmiede Arthur Müller, 10/2020

"We have been using ACI's laser system for many years and are very happy with it. Flexible configuration possibilities, wide-ranging functionality, great service and continual improvements to the application software are all things that confirm that we made the right choice by opting for a product from ACI."

Matthias Leipold, Commercial Director, STILLE Präzisionsmesstechnik GmbH, 05/2019

"The support in the form of free-of-charge sample markings for new projects always goes without a hitch and is provided incredibly quickly; the quality of the documentation saves us work and time later on when we come to implement the project. We have been using ACI laser systems since 2015 and will happily testify to the high quality of the equipment."

J. Gaßner, Head of Process development and tool, jig & fixture manufacturing, Technomatik GmbH, 04/2019

"We have been using ACI's reliable lasers since 2005, and whenever we embark on a new project, I am always pleased with the expert advice we are given, the rapid response times, the fair prices and the excellent support. Fantastic service all round!"

R. Heydel, Production Manager, Diato GmbH, 02/2018