Company history


Expanding our product range with a new rotary indexing table

The newest addition to our product range! Virtually uninterrupted laser marking made easy with the RT400 rotary indexing table.

  • Rotary indexing table laser station RT400
Rotary table laser marking workstation ACI

20 years of ACI Laser GmbH

Over the course of 20 years, our company has developed from a one-man enterprise to a world leader in development and manufacturing of laser marking systems, and continues to grow steadily today. The ACI team looks back over our 20-year success story and also continues to shape the future of the company.

Highlights of the year:

ACI Company jubilee party

Custom robotic facility

Marking of workpieces on more than one side and in any position is now possible with the expanded handling system consisting of a laser marking station and an industrial robot. The robot enables other handling processes to be integrated into the laser station to make process flows and process monitoring in the production process even more efficient.

Highlight of the year:

Robotic laser marking system ACI

Laser markers for integrators

ACI is launching a compact laser system with special properties for integrators. The laser marker for the industrial environment and use in production lines can be tailored even more closely to the needs of the user using imaging systems, among other options.

We presented our new products and technologies for laser material machining to prospective buyers from all over Germany at our first POWERDAY trade fair.

Highlights of the year:

Integration laser DFL Ventus Marker Industrial Design

Moving into the new company building

It's finally time: In summer 2016, we move into our newly built company headquarters in the Gewerbegebiet U.N.O. industrial estate at Steinbrüchenstraße 14 in Nohra, Germany. Our modern company building provides the ideal conditions for the continuous and healthy growth of ACI Laser GmbH.

We celebrated the end of this successful year with a dealership conference and international guests of our representative bodies.

Moving in new company building ACI

ACI Laser celebrates groundbreaking

On 1st June, we celebrated the start of construction of our new company building in Nohra in Thuringia, Germany with the traditional groundbreaking ceremony. With a total area of 1300 m², our new headquarters will include modern workplace conditions fir research and development, design, production, support & service and administration as well as a top-quality application laboratory and representative showroom for product demonstrations.

Groundbreaking new company building ACI

One design, four wavelengths

On the occasion of the Thuringia Tour 2020, we presented our products to Ms Christine Lieberknecht, former Minister President of Thuringia, during a company tour. The claim 'One design, four wavelengths' refers to the expansion of our product range to include frequency-doubled and frequency-tripled laser systems.

Highlight of the year:

Christine Lieberknecht Mirko Wunderlich Workstation

Introduction of a low-cost fibre laser system

With the Economy Fibre product series, ACI is responding to increased demand from small and medium-sized companies for a cost-effective entry-level fibre laser technology solution for material marking.

Highlight of the year:

Low budget fibre laser DFL Ventus Marker

Fibre laser technology opens up new marking opportunities

The new, high-performance DFL Ventus Marker fibre laser system from ACI addresses numerous new aspects, and not just in terms of design. Freely selectable pulse shapes, high pulse peak power and the familiar ease of handling make this the perfect all-rounder tool for marking processes.

Highlight of the year:

Fibre laser DFL Ventus Marker Business

Entry-level, budget-friendly laser material marking

The diode-pumped marking lasers from the Economy Diode series are ideal entry-level systems for small and medium-sized enterprises that need to perform a moderate amount of marking work. The DPL Smart Marker features an extremely compact all-in-one design and is available in a variety of power levels.

Highlight of the year:

  • Introduction of the new Economy Diode series with the DPL Smart Marker (solid-state laser)
Mirko Wunderlich Beschriftungslaser DPL Smart Marker

Introduction of the second generation and opening of the distribution centre

With a new product design for marking lasers, the technical innovations in the new device range should be emphasised. The compact lasers in the second generation include the DPL Magic Marker, DPL Genesis Marker and DPL Nexus Marker solid-state lasers, which differ in terms of outputs and applications.

Highlights of the year:

  • Introduction of the second generation of laser marking systems
  • Introduction of the new CO Two Marker in the Business CO2 series
  • Opening of the SOC (Sales Office Chemnitz) distribution centre
Laser marker DPL Magic Marker

Continued expansion: Relocation to Nohra and new laser models

Continuous company growth and an expanding workforce mean that relocation is now required. ACI Laser obtains larger, modern office and production spaces in the Gewerbegebiet U.N.O. business park in Nohra near Weimar. This is followed by the introduction of laser models with additional output classes. The DPL Nexus Marker expands the product range for important areas of application in order to precisely expand our market position in the area of laser marking.

Highlights of the year:

  • Introduction of new product: DPL Nexus Marker
  • Relocation to the Gewerbegebiet U.N.O. business park, Österholzstraße 11, Nohra, Germany
  • New slogan: Mark your territory …
  • Systems installed worldwide: 600
IR laser first generation DPL Nexus Marker

First software user interface and ISO certification

The graphical software interface of the Magic Mark marking software is intuitive and enables users to quickly create marking content and easily operate the entire laser system. For the first time, the development, manufacturing and distribution of laser systems is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Highlights of the year:

Leaflet laser markers

Establishment of an international distribution structure

For distribution of the DPL Magic Marker diode-pumped solid-state laser, Mirko Wunderlich is concentrating first on rapidly growing international markets and establishing a global dealership network. For the first time, a dealer training course for new distribution partners is held in Sömmerda, Germany.

Highlights of the year:

  • First dealer training course in Sömmerda
  • Establishment of an international dealership structure
Trader training ACI Laser

Series production of the first generation of laser marking systems

The newly established ACI Laser GmbH is growing and will soon enter series production of the first generation of diode-pumped marking lasers and corresponding protective casings. This continuous growth means that the company needs to relocate for the first time, within the industrial estate in Sömmerda.

Highlights of the year:

  • First generation of laser marking systems in series production
  • Relocation within the Sömmerda industrial estate
  • Number of employees: 5
First generation workstation foil handling system

Development of the first DPL Magic Marker marking laser

ACI Laser GmbH is extremely well-positioned in terms of technical and commercial expertise, developing, producing and distributing marking lasers for material marking. For distribution of the DPL Magic Marker diode-pumped solid-state laser, Mirko Wunderlich is concentrating first on rapidly growing international markets and establishing a global dealership network.

Highlights of the year:

  • Introduction of the new DPL Magic Marker laser marking system
  • Claim for product introduction: The Magic of Light
  • Number of employees: 2

Founding of ACI Laser GmbH

Mirko Wunderlich founds ACI Laser GmbH in Sömmerda as a one-man enterprise.

First slogan: It‘s not a trick, it’s magic!

Founding year ACI Laser